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If you’re often complimented for how well you speak, you might want to consider becoming a voiceover artist. As a voiceover artist, you’ll read a script and provide a vocal recording for audiobooks, videos, and film.

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That’s right — you can get paid to shop for groceries using a site like Instacart. Shoppers can set their own hours each week and earn up to $20 per hour doing it.
You can work online and get paid daily, weekly, or with whatever arrangement you have with your clients. Pay ranges from $15 to $30/hour depending on your experience. .

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Perhaps there’s an opportunity to offer a monthly subscription box. It’s best to choose a product you really believe in if you want to make this work.
Do you own your house and have some extra rooms? Or do you rent a place with some extra space? Check with your landlord if you can rent it out for some cash.

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By the way: I love your blog, it sounds pretty good to make money on the road. I am actually figuring out how this also work for residents of not-native-English-speaking countries, first of all Germany 😉
By themselves, neither of those promotions really moved the needle on our revenue, but they did teach us useful lessons that went into creating Freedom Machine, which brings us to…

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It’s that time again. It’s time for my cash money update from April. Check it out. Read More Cash Money: $6,650 in April Income and Blog UpdatesContinue

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You won’t earn much money for a while. You’d need a tremendous volume of approved photos and a knack for knowing which photos will sell.

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    Do you have any skills that can be digitally monetized? Like making creative banners, logos, video editing, programming, content writing, or anything…

    Crestock – Crestock offers high quality royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vector images at low prices. 20% commission on pictures with prices between $5 to $15. Your commission goes up to 30% after your first 100 sales.
    Once the device has been successfully refurbished, you can list it for sale on sites like eBay or Amazon to profit from your flip.

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    Make money with babysitting. Find gigs online or ask friends, family, and neighbors.

    If you can help students with their homework, they can help you with your bank account!
    Blogging Social Media Influencer Marketing Content Marketing Email Marketing SEO Business Personal Growth

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    The good news is, with so many ways to make money online, there’s something out there for everyone. All you need, at minimum, is a computer — or, in some cases, just a smart phone.

    Once you build your brand, you can hire other cleaners to clean for you! Then, you can relax in the evening or find more clients.
    Another option is for you to act like a consignment store for your friends. If your friends have old junk lying around and are too lazy to sell it, you can ask them if you can start selling items for them—and take a cut of the profits. It’s a win/win for your friends, and you’ll make fast cash without having to sell your own stuff.

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    Everyone has at least one skill they can earn money with. What is yours? Maybe you still need to figure it out.

    You’ll need experience in the medical or legal fields to get transcription assignments in those areas, but plenty of researchers, reporters and Average Joes are willing to pay for someone to type up their recordings.
    Want to learn how to do video editing? I recommend using SkillShare to learn new skills fast online.

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An ebook can be much shorter, and you don’t have to go through the traditional publication steps when you publish a book on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

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You can also find job postings on freelancing sites. Expect to earn between $20 and $60 an hour.

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You can make money by translating conversations for people, audio files, papers/articles, and more.

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Handy handles billing the customers on your behalf, so you can get on with cleaning their office, painting the lounge room or mowing the lawn before getting paid.

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