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The more money it makes, the more valuable it is. I have seen websites sell for 6 figures many times. The beautiful part of it is that people generally pay between 10 and 20 times the monthly profit, so if you have a website that is bringing in a bit of cash you can potentially sell it for a pretty penny.

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If the answer to both questions above is a resounding YES, then train yourself with the many online tutorials on how to create artworks and sell them online.
Not all sites offer money, but Vindale Research and Pinecone Research are ones that do. Read our in depth reviews to learn more about the application process and typical clients that need product testing. .

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How fast: Requesters pay you through your MTurk or Clickworker account, and you can cash out weekly or monthly.
You could start writing on Medium and create a blog later, once you find your sweet spot of reader interest and personal interest. You could also use the same content for your blog and Medium site, but be careful not to ruin your SEO when doing this. If possible, always post your writing on your blog first and then repost on Medium, linking back to your original blog post.

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Licensing one picture that you take and upload now can give you cash flow forever as it’s downloaded again and again!
This works best if you can find an assignment in your city. Otherwise, your travel expenses may cut too deeply into your earnings. Also, look out for some of these sites that have an annual fee, which is usually $50 – $150.

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Niche websites can be a good option if you’re already knowledgeable about a niche and already have SEO experience — or you’re willing to learn.

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If you’re brand new to the gig economy, Steady is a good choice to lead you in the right direction. Read our Steady app review to learn about all that the app has to offer. #20. Rover iOS RatingGoogle Play Rating4.9 with 304,660 reviews4.7 with ‎15,015 reviews

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    If you live in an expensive city, you know how valuable parking can be. If you live downtown, renting out your parking spot will make you real cash, fast.

    Affiliate marketing is also a great way to make money online. I say this because the hard work has already been done for you. You don’t do research or create the products yourself. We know how time-consuming it can be to create a product(s).
    Terms apply. We receive a commission for drivers who sign up to deliver with Uber Eats.

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    Branded Surveys lets you earn a nice chunk of cash for answering simple surveys that they send to your email from Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Walmart, and more! You’ll need to provide honest feedback so these companies can improve products and services. This company has paid over $17 million to date, and it’s free to sign up.

    Search engines like Google pay tens of thousands of people around the world to evaluate results showing within the platform. Becoming a research assistant is a solid entry-level work-from-home job, and a good way to get your foot in the door launching a career as a virtual assistant.
    You can make money by translating conversations for people, audio files, papers/articles, and more.

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    You can offer this service to either individuals or companies by contacting them directly or advertising your services on a freelancing website. LinkedIn is a great social network to find clients, both small businesses and personal clients.

    But as you can see from that article, this isn’t necessarily what it’s like in real life. Sure, there’s an element of that with some options, but not all of them.
    If you have an eye for design, or you are knowledgeable about SEO and marketing, you can offer to audit websites for online businesses. Companies are willing to pay for an independent audit that they can use to guide their strategies.

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    If you’re looking for how to get started earning cash on top your 9-5, you’re in luck! We just published our completed guide “The Best Side Hustles for 2022.” It features our top 23 side hustles that can earn anything from a little extra spending money to thousands of dollars per month! Just enter your e-mail below and we’ll send you the full guide! By submitting your email address, you consent to us keeping you informed about updates to our website and about other products and services that we think might interest you. You can unsubscribe at any time. Please read our Privacy Statement and Terms & Conditions. Thank you! Please check your e-mail inbox now to receive the The Best Side Hustles for 2022 guide!

    You can get that with your first purchase (of anything) through their cashback platform.
    Potential earnings: A few pennies per 1,000 views can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars

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Get paid to review websites, apps, and video games too. Testbirds pays its users according to the difficulty of the tests. A test with average difficulty will earn you around $20. Additionally, if you find extra Bugs on a website you will get a bonus payment. It is extremely flexible and presents a great learning opportunity for people who want to learn more about IT and user testing.

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The specific job description depends on your employer’s needs – you’ll do whatever they need most at the moment for their business to operate smoothly.

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Just like with affiliate marketing, you'll need to have an audience to promote your products to. If you want to make more money from your audience, selling digital products is a great tactic to build your income.

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