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When you start a blog, initially, you’ll need to invest intensively in time and resources to get it up and running.

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Have you heard people talking about the latest minimalist movement? The goal is to declutter not only your home but your mind and your life. It’s also an excellent opportunity to earn some extra cash. If you really can’t bear to part with some of your belongings, there’s always the option to rent them out instead.
But, let’s be honest. If you don’t use something in five years, you should sell it. You might think it’s worthless junk. But, as the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. .

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But it is just so typical for bloggers to do these things, because they tend to be more successful when you have an audience, that I decided to include them in this section.
Managing your own website can be a great creative outlet, especially if you like to write.

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Like all of the survey sites on this list, you are helping companies with valuable market research. The survey companies match you with surveys, and the majority of them take only a few minutes to answer.
There are plenty of sites where you can make money online by selling your photos, such as: Your own website- by far the best place Adobe stock Shutterstock Etsy Fotomoto

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Just download the app, and start scanning the barcodes on your media to get immediate quotes. It’s completely free to use — no listing or seller fees.

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This is actually how our blog makes most of its money- we provide an affiliate link for a course or brand we love so you can benefit from them too.

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    First, you'll need to think of the type of blog you want to start. You'll want to pick something that you are passionate about or interested in so that you don't burn out or give up.

    If you have things you don’t use frequently, you can rent them out to others on sites like FriendWithA.
    Attend my FREE training on how to drop ship profitable and I'll give you my list of 237 Profitable Product Ideas completely free!

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    While you’ll also want to download the desktop browser extension, the Capital One Shopping app allows you to earn rewards when shopping online, easily apply coupon codes, and compare prices for the same products among other retailers — all from your phone.

    eBates – You get cash back at any of 1,700 stores any time you start your shopping trip at There are no points to redeem, no forms to mail in, and no fees.
    The five ways for making money online listed above are my top picks, but if you want some more inspiration, here are some options: Buying and selling sharesTeaching courses on a platform like UdemyWriting and selling an eBookEntering contests or giveaways for cashBuying and selling domain namesSelling photos on a stock marketplace such as ShutterstockSelling old stuff on eBayWorking for another business as a remote employeeParticipating in focus groupsBecoming a virtual tutorBuying a website that is already making money from a marketplace like Flippa.

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    Each time you make a purchase with your debit or credit card, Acorns rounds up to the nearest dollar and invests the spare change.

    Another perk to working as a bartender is that you can meet interesting and successful people who can potentially help you find more lucrative opportunities.
    Sell stuff to people in your community, rather than listing it on a marketplace. Busk or ask for donations. Offer services to your neighbors — even if they only want to help you out.

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    This free app is best suited for those in urban areas, as you’re only paid on a per-task basis. Since you have to factor time and cost of travel into your net earnings, you’ll make more if you live near a high concentration of participating businesses.

    You can then email them or come go visit them. Once you get a few clients the ball will start rolling. Some clients will be residual as well.
    2020Research is one of the best companies out there that conducts online focus groups you can participate in.

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Paul Jarvis from offers consulting services to freelancers who want to build a strong personal brand.

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Online poker tournaments are considerably different from live ones. You can easily enter an online poker tournament by investing between $20-$100. If you are looking for UK poker sites, you can check some of the best online casinos at

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One of the best ways to find flexible, legit online jobs is through the Steady app. The Steady App connects you with flexible work opportunities to make extra cash and help reach your financial goals. Read our Steady app review, or get started at the link below.

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I think it is safe to say that everyone despises the process of moving…but that is why there is also decent money to be made by working as a mover.

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