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And depending on why you need to get $20 instantly, especially if you need straight up cash, this could actually end up having much more value for you.

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Snow removal requires getting up early and working at odd hours. But it can be very profitable. You can bring in thousands of dollars over the course of a season if you’re reliable and maintain a decent client base.
Read our Swagbucks review to learn how to maximize your earnings on the platform. .

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Specifically, you’ll get $10 worth of shares in the Fundrise Real Estate Interval Fund, the platform’s flagship investment product. To qualify, you must be new to Fundrise and make the initial $10 investment within 30 days of signing up.
If you have trouble sourcing products for sales, then you might want to check out websites such as ClickBank and PayDotCom, which represent two of the biggest affiliate networks out there.

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Find opportunities on,, and
Vindale is a paid survey community open to residents of the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

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Join sites like the iRazoo website and the WeAre8 app that pay you for watching videos.

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Got a driveway or a parking space in a lot or garage you don’t need? If you’re in a busy city or tourist spot, all the better. You can make extra cash renting it out. Just make sure your city and your landlord (if you rent) allow it.

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    Another option is to drive things to others. Doordash is a top on-demand delivery service looking for delivery partners.

    How to sell your handicrafts on EtsyDetermine what you want to sell.Set your online shop on Etsy.Decide on the name, logo, and profile picture.Fill in the required details.Take high-quality pictures of your handmade crafts.List the products on Etsy.Decide and set the pricing.
    Both scooter companies will generally pay you $3 to $5 for charging and returning each scooter. The rate you make depends on how long since the scooter was charged last and when the scooter became available. A scooter with little to no battery life takes about 5 to 6 hours to charge fully.

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    Wow ths helped a lot. I’m only 15 and I can see myself doing a couple of these jobs. Thanks much!

    Who doesn’t love some extra cash in your pocket? KashKick will deposit cash directly into your PayPal account for all the fun money-making things you are doing online!
    YouTube is a global phenomenon and one of the most visited sites on the planet, which means that there is a chance that you could earn some cash by creating some homemade videos that become an online hit.

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    To take surveys, you can either sign up to paid survey sites and earn money or look for websites that pay you for taking online surveys.

    What they’re doing here is tracking how you use your device as part of their consumer research. But don’t worry: the information is completely anonymous and can’t be traced back to you. They also say that the app is tiny and won’t affect your device’s performance.
    There are some sites that specialize in file sharing and it is entirely up to you as to what files you are willing to share. If your files are deemed useful enough and get downloaded, you will make some commission.

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    Turn on ads for your videos. Promote affiliate products.Charge for channel memberships.

    Many of the products sold on Amazon are offered by third-party sellers who leverage the company’s warehousing and delivery infrastructure through a service called Fulfillment by Amazon (or FBA for short).
    Shopping online has its perks. It's super convenient, but it can be time consuming to find the best deals. Instead of hunting for coupon codes (that don't always work!) and opening tons of browser tabs comparing prices, you can try Capital One Shopping.

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And this is partly because it’s a really easy gig to get into. Sites like VIPKid (which has that consistently been ranked in the top five of Forbes’ list of the top 100 work from home companies) prepare all the teaching materials for you, so all you have to do is show up and teach!

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If you're looking for an app that doubles as a side hustle in which you can make extra cash instantly, check out Uber, Lyft Gigwalk, and Doordash.

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Why not work from the comfort of your own home as a virtual assistant and make some extra cash online?

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