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Of course, step 1 is actually launching your own site – which you can easily do in less than 20 minutes (no tech knowledge required, I promise). I always recommend Bluehost for this as, at less than $3 a month, it’s a no-brainer. Plus you’ll get a free domain (worth $19)!

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At the other end of the scale is a task paying $10 for a 10 minute online interview about snack habits so there really is something for everyone.
If you’re looking for help, here is a great guide that will help you write and publish your first book on Kindle. .

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The rules of each settlement are different, but in most cases you’ll have to provide proof of purchase or product use, like a serial number or a receipt. Once you fill out your claim form on the website, you may have to wait a few weeks or months before receiving your payment.
That’s easy! Simply head to and login to see the list of videos available for you to watch. You’ll watch videos on your phone or laptop. InboxDollars then rewards you for watching them with your choice of free cash or gift cards for popular brands.

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I’m here to show you actual ways you can literally work from home and not have a full-time job with the best money making apps and side hustles.
Branded Surveys is like the rest of the survey sites on this list in that you're not making serious cash, but it's very easy work. You're getting paid to answer short surveys about different products and services.

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Spending just a few hours per day, you can earn a couple of hundred dollars per month from these sites.

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You will simply need to go through some background checks. Plus, you’ll need to make a video of an example class to show them you can teach.

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    TaskRabbit is an established gig platform that allows ‘Taskers’ to make an additional income by completing tasks for people who are willing to pay.

    Best Reviewer – A collection of reviews in the style of TOP X. 100% AdSense revenue share.
    Sometimes you help people pick out the next best laptop for work- other clients may need high-end dresses and suits for business dinners.

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    Some other ways to make cash using just your car and a smartphone include: Grubhub, Instacart, Door Dash, Postmates, Uber Eats, and others. Again, not technically a way to “earn money online” because you’re going to be driving. But app based, so I included them anyway.

    You definitely can earn money online, either by using and offering specific skills that you have acquired or by fulfilling relatively simple or repetitive tasks which will reward you for the hours you put in without any previous training or experience being needed. For example, you can make money just by watching videos, rating products or by putting your writing talents to good use if you prefer
    If this is the case, then you probably have some unused gift cards stuffed in a drawer somewhere that can be cashed in!

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    Since you are providing them with market research, they are willing to pay you. It’s a win-win for both parties.

    OfferUp helps you sell off your clutter locally. People have listed large electronics, furniture, and even cars on the site — making it perfect for clearing too-big-to-ship items out of your house. You have to download the app, take a picture, and post your listing. Unlike Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, sellers and buyers can be rated to prevent scammers and frauds. If you use OfferUp to exchange money, it should be noted that they charge 7.9% per listing.
    Not anymore. Today, you can run a small-scale eatery — and earn a tidy profit in the process — without leaving your home. The secret: a rapidly multiplying cohort of meal-sharing startups that connect budding chefs with hungry diners willing to shell out money for authentic, restaurant-quality home cooking.

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    Great article, I have tried a few over the years. I had a side business cleaning offices for years. It did great, but I hated never being able to take more than 3-4 days vacation, so I eventually gave up. I tried MTurk, but if you multiplied my earnings on an hourly basis, it was a little over $6/hr. My blog is much worse, probably less than $0.25/hr.

    How much can I make? Caitlin Pyle made $43,000 in a year working part-time! You can see her full story in my How to Become a Proofreader article. Many others are making between $1,000-$4,000 a month.
    Requirements: Know how to code or have a friend or relative who can do it for you, get clients to use the software

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Some people argue that you can make money without a lot of traffic and while that is true in some circumstances, you will generally need a lot of website traffic to start earning from a blog and that takes a while. Once you’ve reached that point, here are the primary ways to monetize your blog and start earning:

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From personal experience I think it is best to start a blog with a purpose/passion – aside from making money.

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Providing a service usually splits out into one of three subcategories, which can be defined as follows:

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24. Membership – Many people have created a paid membership area on their blog. This is typically for exclusive content that you can only access in the “member’s area.” If you have a really great idea on what to include, this can be a great idea. You’ll have to create something that can’t easily be accessed around the web.

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